Thanks for being a part of Sunday Soul, an eight-week collaborative worship experiment between First Unitarian Portland and the Church of the Larger Fellowship. Please share your opinions about this experience with us!
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    JANUARY 31 - FOR ALL THE DREAMS WE'VE DREAMED with Rev. Bill Sinkford and Rev. Meg Riley
    FEBRUARY 7 - STREET SPIRITUALITY with Rev. Kate Lore, Renee Mitchell, and Mic Crenshaw
    FEBRUARY 14 - COURAGEOUS LOVE with Rev. Meg Riley and Rev. Mark Belletini
    FEBRUARY 21 - SONGS OF LAMENTATION with Rev. Lynn Ungar and Rev. Tom Disrud
    FEBRUARY 28 - BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER with Terri Burnor and Bob LaVallee
    MARCH 6 - FACING FEAR, CONFRONTING CHANGE with Rev. Kate Lore, Tim DeChristopher, and Mic Crenshaw
    MARCH 13 - RELINQUISHING INNOCENCE with Rev. Bill Sinkford & Rev. Tom Disrud
    MARCH 20 - LIFE IN THE BALANCE with Rev. Bill Sinkford and Rev. Meg Riley
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