About Sunday Soul

On the streets, in the schools, across the globe, on social media … everywhere we turn, we witness or experience first-hand the unjust, ignorant, fear-filled, cruel, and at times deadly ways humans treat each other and the earth.

How do we live with hope and courage in these tough, despairing times? Where do we get the strength needed to heal this broken world and ourselves?

Refresh Your Spirit

For eight weeks, starting January 31, 2016, Sunday Soul is the space for you to press the reboot button—for you to refresh your weary spirit and your aching heart.

Because the work we’re called to do takes solidarity with a community willing to go deep with the real and full you. It takes meaningful connections both face-to-face and online because that’s where life happens. It takes spiritual fortitude and resiliency as day after day we draw up the courage to act.

Sunday Soul interweaves music, storytelling, multimedia and sharing to enliven, nourish and inspire. It is authentic and participatory. It offers time for stillness or prayer and space for our spirits to cry or shout out. It challenges our comforts and holds us in our vulnerability. Through rituals of connection, we are able to transform ourselves and discover our common humanity.

Feel United

We gather not just in Portland, but on the web too. Using online chat, video and a creative worship, we’ll interact with each other as one interconnected group of people.

Sunday Soul is the place where your spirituality and technology can come together. Where you don’t have to check your smart phone at the door. Where you can really worship with others even from your living room.

So invite a friend to join you, no matter where they are!