Full Series

From Black Solidarity Day in Milwaukee; creative commons image by Joe Brusky (https://flic.kr/p/qqfan5)

January 31 - For All the Dreams We've Dreamed

We launch this 8-week worship series by exploring how to live with courage and hope in challenging times. Come share time together both in Portland and across the world as we recharge spirits, hearts and souls.

Leaders:  Rev. Bill Sinkford & Rev. Meg Riley

February 7 - Street Spirituality

Raw emotions sparked the Black Lives Matter movement, and now we build and sustain hope by grounding our activism in the Spirit of Love. Come experience the intersections of faith, liberation and resistance through powerful images, spoken word poetry, and hip hop.

Leaders:  Rev. Kate Lore and Renee Mitchell
Guest musician:  Mic Crenshaw

February 14 - Courageous Love

“Love is a conversion to humanity,” writes Carter Hayward. “If I love you, I have to make you conscious of what you do not know,” writes James Baldwin. On this Valentine’s Day weekend, we drop the shallow cliches about love and explore its depths. How does love help us find the courage to be fully human in these times? How do we live conscious, courageous lives?

Leaders:  Rev. Meg Riley & Rev. Mark Belletini

February 21 - Songs of Lamentation

We live in times that can easily take us to a place of despair. How do we both keep our hearts open to the very real pain of the world and, at the same time, draw strength and hope for the journey?

Leaders:  Rev. Lynn Ungar & Rev. Tom Disrud

February 28 - Bridge Over Troubled Water

Environmental racism in places like Flint, Michigan, challenges citizens to find resilience even in overwhelming circumstances. How do we call up our own power when it's so easy to feel powerless?

Leaders:  Terri Burnor & Bob LaVallee

March 6 - Facing Fear, Confronting Change

Climate change is downright scary. Fear can either numb us into hopelessness and despair. Or fear can sharpen our attention and motivate us to act in earnest. Join climate activist, Tim DeChristopher, and the Rev. Kate Lore for a heartfelt service on the role of fear as we consider the future of our planet.

Leaders:  Rev. Kate Lore & Tim DeChristopher
Guest Musician:  Mic Crenshaw

March 13 - Relinquishing Innocence

We are asked to move beyond our innocence when dealing with the complexities of our world. Climate change activism has extinguished the belief that voluntary simplicity is enough to heal the earth. The Black Lives Matter movement has shattered our assumption that the field is even close to being level. It would be easy to react cynically to such realities. How do we instead respond faithfully?

Leaders:  Rev. Bill Sinkford & Rev. Tom Disrud

March 20 - Life in the Balance

At this time of equinox, Earth’s tilt and rotation balance light and darkness. We who seek to live in orbits of hope and courage, shaped by love, can be pulled out of balance by fear, ignorance or willful unconsciousness. There are times, as well, and this may be one of them, when we need to be pulled out of a comfortable balance to narrow the gap between who we want to be and who we are. Integrity and justice are insistent in their call.

Leaders:  Rev. Bill Sinkford & Rev. Meg Riley